Power Services

Power Services

Tailwind Cycles is proud to be the only bike shop in the area to offer Power Profiling.  This service allows anyone to strap a power meter to their bicycle and find out just how much power they produce while cycling.  Power, as measured in watts, is the best and most accurate way to measure you ability on a bicycle, and just downright cool, too!  Before we offered this service, you either had to shell out the big bucks to purchase your own power meter, or you had to hope a friend would let you borrow one.  Not anymore.  Now, anyone can obtain the valuable information these amazing devices provide, and we’ll take the data from your rides and analyze it for you!  Armed with power data, you can know your strengths & weaknesses, and also know how you stack up against other cyclists from beginners to seasoned professionals!

The Power Profiling service is quite simple.  Rental of the power unit is for one week – we install the unit for you, all you have to do is ride.  The computer records all the ride data without any input from you (other than your burning legs and lungs, that is), and we download it when you’re through.  This is a comprehensive service - we’ll prescribe the type, length, and intensity of the rides you need to complete in order to obtain a clear profile, and we’ll even give you some places to ride in order to complete the testing.  Aren’t we great!?

Upon completion of the Power Profile, you’ll be given a copy of the book Training and Racing with a Power Meter, written by Hunter Allen. If you choose to purchase a power meter, we’ll even credit you the price of the service to your purchase.

Power Profiling$150.00


  • Seven day rental of PowerTap power meter (installation included)
  • Detailed description of testing protocols
  • Course recommendations for test completion
  • Download of all collected data to CyclingPeaks software
  • Analyzation of data
  • Power Profile Report
  • Copy of Training and Racing with a Power Meter, by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan